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  Danny showing Crime Scene Pictures & Cell Phone Dumps to jury in recent murder case.


Client's endorsements:

"I have my life and freedom back now that your investigation and my lawyers battle at trial proved the alleged victim lied, I can't thank you enough" B. C.

"Danny's Investigation brought forward witnesses that proved the girl lied and hide evidence from police to have me arrested. I can't get the year plus back I spent in jail but I have the rest of my life ahead thanks to Danny and my attorney Jay Love". J.D.

Rape Charges dropped after Danny's investigation proved the incident was a consensual act.

"You saved my life Danny" J. E.

"Danny Lane's multi state investigation to shoot down a revengeful ex-girlfriend's accusations of rape found me innocence of a 35 count indictment and got my job back". R. C.


Man charged with murder in fatal stabbing case

Micha Lemaster found NOT GUILTY of all counts of murder.

Click here for full coverage of the trial.

Lady charged with murder in killing her mother in KY

Man found innocent of sexual assault at trial

Woman Charged with Murder in Overdose Death

Man indicted with 56 counts in child abuse case

Beckley doctor arrested, charged on 21 drug charges

Pharmacist charged with 55 Count Indictment  

Probable Cause Found in Shooting Death of Joshua Martin

Two arrested in Wayne County fatal stabbing

Wayne Murder Suspect Jeremy Marcum Has Faced Previous Charges

Arson Murder Client Charged with First Degree Murder

Brandon Flack Appeals his Murder Conviction in Bluefield Shooting

Two Detroit men charged with murder of drug dealer!

Two men charged with murder in home invasion!

Man charged with stabbing murder!

Man charged with arson murder!

Appeal of murder charge in home invasion robbery!

Maryland man charged with murder in shooting.

Man runs truck through house and opens fire on his family

Lane Investigations hired to investigate bar death in Tampa, Florida

Defendant facing 5 armed robbery charges

8 Charged including Guards in Regional Jail Attempted Murder Conspiracy

Detroit Man Charged with Murder in Stabbing over drugs!

Grandmother charged with murder of her daughter's abusive boyfriend 6 years ago ready for trial December 9, 2013.

Girlfriend Charged with Murder of Boyfriend in Self-Defense case.

Delmond Dennis NOT GUILTY of MURDER in child's death!

Aaron Searls NOT GUILITY in Huntington Murder Case!

Searls NEWSPAPER RELEASE with PHOTOS from court.

*Mingo County Sheriff Killed, Man Shoot and Charged with Murder!

Robbery & Shootout leaves 2 dead and 2 charged!

Woman Charged with Murder of Boyfriend by positional asphyxiation.

* Man indicted with death of his step-child.


* Man Killed in bar fight with gun. Man charged with Murder!


*Bar Shooting in Huntington leaves one dead. Man charged with murder pleads self defense.


*Man shoots wife accidently charged with murder. Investigators wait on lab results.


*Man charged with murder for killing his ex-girlfriend gets convicted on a Voluntary reduced verdict by jury.


*Lady charged with murder for stabbing her part time boyfriend.


*Woman charged with murder for shooting her daughter's husband during domestic assault.


*Man found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after being charged with murder in shootout.


*Client Charged with Murder found guilty of only a misdemeanor






*Man kills ex-girlfriend in self defense


*Georgia Man charged with murder in drug deal gone bad


*Man charged with stabbing girlfriend


*Detroit woman guilty of killing prostitute


*Prostitute found dead in woods murder case


*Man kills attackers in self defense shoot out


*Man charged with attempted murder of police officer


*Macon, Ga man arrested for murder of local man in drug deal gone bad!


*Social Worker Murder and Kidnapping in Cabell County, WV


*Boone County, WV Murder and Robbery of a drug dealer and Fed informant.


*Domestic Murder ex-boyfriend kills ex-girlfriend in Cabell, WV


*Mother kills daughters abusive boyfriend in Cabell County, Wv


*Male Stripper killed by a pick up truck in Mingo County, WV


*North Central Regional Jail Inmate Death in Ritchie County, WV

Danny hired to investigate and defend man charged with child death!

Man charged with home invasion!

Mason County Sheriff charged with 42 counts pleas to a misdeamenaor after investigation.

Man charged after shooting and standoff with police

2nd person charged in Police Standoff

High Profile National Cases Danny has represented!

       Actor Andy Dick case set for trial !

           Andy Dick gets trial diversion

     Ms. Kentucky Latino looses her crown after arrest!