Master Jonathan Kruger

Zambia, Africa is our Regional Director in Africa.

He is the Master Instructor of the Kodokwan Judo Jujitsu club of Zambia is one of the oldest dojo's in Africa, founded in 1928 in Cape Town , South Africa . He started Judo and Jujitsu 25 years ago first under his late father John David Kruger 6th dan in Jujitsu who was his Sensei . His father started Judo and Jujitsu in 1954 at the Kodokwan in Northern Rhodesia now Zambia . His father was also in the Royal Rhodesian Regiment and special Air Service SAS . His father was the fourth generation instructor to the Kodokwan Judo Jujitsu club of Zambia.


State of Martial Arts in Zambia South Africa by Master Jonathan Kruger

Dear brother Danny , Our dojo is busy preparing the Judo team to represent Zambia internationally around Africa. At the moment I have 85 registered underprivileged youth and some ex street children In my dojo. I have opened a dojo in town working with the Greek community ,which I teach of friday . The kids are very dedicated learning Jujitsu . One of my top students Alexy was planning to visit China on a school but has insisted that he would rather be a my Jujitsu class on fridays than go to China . That was very touching to me as his Sensei . Iam busy fund raising to collect money to help buy Judo uniforms for the underprivileged youth in my Judo club.And we are now in the rainy season and most of my kids in the dojo suffer with malaria . So Iam busy trying to buy them mosquito sleeping nets to protect them from malaria. My students are always sick with malaria and it effects their training every month . Iam also looking at helping some of my students finish their schooling this coming term.All THE young people in OUR community look to our dojo as a lighthouse for young people to come and learn the budo disciplines and where they can seek help spiritual advice and counseling . We also teach Godly principles and values for their spiritual lives . Many of them come from a life of drugs and drink abuse to become strong leaders in their own communities . I look forward to your friendship in 2012 brother Danny.

God Bless,

Jonathan Kruger .