Michael Epstein Director WMAF Russia

Regional Director of WMAF Operations in Russia with the WMAF. Phone: +7-495-969-93-00
Address: 140125, Moscow region, Ramensky area Seltso Str. Garden, house 45
To make better use of mail address: 129323, Moscow, st. Sneznaya, Building 17, Block 2, Flat 85


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A message from Michael Epstein Director of WMAF in Russia,

Михаил Эпштейн

Danny, I am pleased to welcome WMAF and you to Russia! Here is the website for the WMAF Russia and our combat system. In those days before the end of January we are with the Russian Union of Martial Arts http://rsbi.ru/ (the main organization in Russia, which coordinates the activities of the Federation of Martial Arts) coordinate the schedule of our events and our participation in their activities. According to our schedule a set of new competitors in the initial group of CUS at the beginning of the year. Conducting seminars in 45 Regiment Airborne, regional seminars in Moscow, Perm, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. Through these activities the most deserving can be certified in rank below black belt. In February, we are in the Perm region and local events such as competitions in March in the city of Yaroslavl. From 25 to 29 April in St. Petersburg will host Martial Arts Olympics "East-West". This is a very big event (link to site organizers http://www.imac-olymp.com/), where our Federation was invited to participate in several disciplines, and with their own shows. This is - a very large and very responsible event. It is expected that it will feature no less than 8000 participants and 40 000 spectators. We are now very actively preparing to speak at this Olympics. In preparation we will be done promotional videos and plan a great film. Site of the Federation begins to fill, though still not quite ready. Soon there will be a lot of information and links will appear. But now you can see the finished pages

http://www.f-prb.ru/, http://www.f-prb.ru/zalslavy/, http://www.f-prb.ru/mastera/