Welcomes Master Thor Moller of Norway to the WMAF


Master Thor Moller - Norway Representative

The WMAF welcomes Master Thor Moller to the WMAF family from Norway.

He has a kickboxing & ju-jitsu gym and wants to expand with the WMAF programs in Norway.

Thor started with martial arts back in 1978 with sport karate. He has since practiced many different arts.

Shotokan, Wado ryu, Nanbudo, Tae kwon Do, Wing Chun, Ju-jitsu, Krav Maga and Pankration.

He and other martial artists founded their own style of ju-jitsu in 2003, called Kogakushin ryu ju-jitsu, which is a mix of different styles.
Today he runs the system with great help of his instructor Sensei Tommy Ottesen.
The martial arts school is outside Oslo where the main disciplines are kickboxing and ju-jitsu.
The club is connected to the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation and The Norwegian iKckboxing Federation(WAKO) and now the WMAF (World Martial Arts Federation under the direction of GrandMaster Danny Lane of the USA.

Focus are, good atmosphere, ethics and moral character.

web. site are: http://kogakushin.blogspot.no

Personal adress: Thor Martin Moller
street: Braanaastoppen 41
city: Skedsmokorset
zip: 2019
country: NORWAY
phone: 0047-40200183


Dojo adress:
Lillestrom Kampsport Klubb( Translated: Lillestrom martial arts club)
adress: St.Olavsgt.4 (street)
City: Lillestrom
Zip: 2000
Country: NORWAY

We offer kickboxing and ju-jitsu. I hope that we can open a center where we can offer many different martial arts at the end of this year.


Master Thor M.Moller