WMAF Grand Master V Z Sebastian (7th Dan and Asian Director
7th Degree Black Belt and Grand Master Rank in the WMAF Federation and Chief Instructor of India and DIRECTOR of all of Asia.

Master Sebastian was voted into the ACTION MARTIAL ARTS MAGAZINE HALL OF FAME 2011 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

KO-IN-CHI Academy of Martial Arts with World Martial Arts Federation has the full affiliation certification for World Martial Arts Federation.

*Grand Master V.Z. Sebastian: 7th Degree
*Grand Master rank in WMAF and Asian Director since 2009
*Action Martial Arts Hall of honour award winner – 2010
*Active member of WMAF since 1998

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Master Sebastian Inducted into the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Here is Harikumar Rajappan

accepting the award with me

and my black belt Joni Sharrah

of the Seattle, Washington USA Karate.





Master Simson VZ (WMAF India & Oman Development Manager)

5th Dan WMAF
5th Dan KO-IN-CHI
5th Dan World Karate Federation                                           2nd Dan Taekwondo



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Harikumar Rajappan: 4th Degree

WMAF Director North Eastern USA








Ranking WMAF Black Belts











Nirmal V Sebastian 3rd Degree

Sibu N.V (3rd Degree)


S. ANANDHA RAJ (3rd Degree)

Nikil V Sebastian 3rd Degree

Thomas Paul 1st Degree











Duane Buck 4th Degree USA











Suhas Sugathan (2nd Degree)









Rajakumaran Nair (2nd Degree)









Johnson Antony (1st Degree)

Anilkumar. V 1st Degree



K.V SUJIKUMAR 1st Degree



 S. PERIASAMY 1st Degree


Saju K 1st Degree






India WMAF In the news!
Varsha Vinod 5 year old black belt makes international news as one of the youngest black belts in the world. She has been trained in KO-IN-CHI martial arts under V.Z.Sebasitan.

See her images and links on Google.

See her on CNN News from London, England.

See her profiled in India News.









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