* Learn to disarm handguns to all 12 points of the body.

* Learn what to do in a hostage situation.

* Learn how to retain your weapon if someone grabs it.

These are the same tactics that Danny & Jason teach Federal Agents, Law Enforcement and the Military.

 5 Rules for RETENTION of your weapon! 

  1. RETAIN:  your weapon, keep control of your weapon at all costs. You have to know that any person that would grab your weapon intends on killing you.
  2. NEUTRALIZE: stun your opponent, with an offensive diversionary or stunning tactic to disorientate the adversary.
  3. MANEUVER: to an advantage point, break the distance or balance, neutralize his strength of position and begin the counter to his a action.

4.   SECURE: break the hold away and get the opponent disabled with your choice of  retention or disarm techniques.

5.  CONTROL: techniques to arrest them, pin him and secure him for handcuffing or to wait for backup.



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You owe it to yourself to protect yourself and your family. 

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