Professional Endorsements

Danny Lane's DVDS and Seminars are Professionally Endorsed by Martial Arts Masters, Movie Stars, Secret Secret, CIA, Federal & State Police Agencies, United States Marines and US Army Tactics Instructors.

"Danny Lane's videos are some of the best on the market today"
Chuck Norris/Motion Picture Star, World Champion





"Danny is one of the most versatile martial artists I have ever seen. From Sport, Full Contact, Self Defense and Defensive Tactics he is the best on all he does. His techniques are practical and effective!

Keith Vitali World Champion, Author, Actor and Producer





"Your joint locks, gun disarms, advanced grappling techniques should prove invaluable with our Presidential protection responsibilities".
M. Walsh / United States Secret Service Presidential Bodyguard





"Danny Lane's disarming techniques and his defensive tactics are the "Real Deal"!
Bob Wall/ Action Motion Picture Star, World Karate Champion 




"Your "War Zone" techniques from takedown to handcuff are practical, effective, and potent. Your handgun techniques were fast, smooth, and uncomplicated".
Kevin Sullivan / New York State Police




"Danny Lane is one of the most sought after "defensive tactics" instructors in the world today. His training techniques are a must for all law enforcement officers, and the serious martial artist".
Joe Hess / Miami-Dade/Police Tactics Instructor 




"Danny's techniques are fast, effective, and street proven. That's why he has been chosen as one of the technical advisors to "The Guardian Angels".
Sean Kelly / "Guardian Angels"




"Danny trained me as a kid and I am proud to be his BLACK BELTS, his training has help me survive the "WAR ZONE" in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. I highly recommend him and his training techniques for any martial artist, police officer or soldier. His article "Reality of Combat" is educational and compelling and included in my manual for all US Marines Training Manual".
James Nungesser Staff Sergeant/United States Marine Corps MCMAP INSTRUCTOR                                                  

United States Marine Corps/Special Mission Training Center


"DANNY LANES techniques are so well rounded from his experience in the US. MARINES and his time in law enforcement and most of all his years of experience with Chuck Norris". "I have served 2 tours in Iraq and have used Danny's techniques while handling insurgent prisoner's". "I have trained with him personally and have experienced and FELT the reality of his techniques. All of Danny's WAR ZONE videos are a must see for home training and while teaching in your dojo's.
EO1 (SCW) BILL BARBER/ United States Navy.



"I have known Danny Lane for years and highly endorse all his training techniques for all police/military and martial arts personnel for combat and real life situational responses and defense". Danny Lane is a "Real American Hero" and the real deal!
William C. Hall ..US Army/Special Ops Instructor/Martial Arts Master and Champion/Instructor of fighting methodologies to military and police law enforcement.      

Author of the novel "Predator Group"



Being a retired Ct. State Trooper (22+ years) I have worked Patrol, Resident Trooper ( in charge of 10 Constables ), Defensive Tactics Instructor and in Governor's Security. I have also been an avid Martial Artist since 1969. I have been fortunate to be able to call Danny Lane my Brother Officer, Instructor and Friend since around 1987. I have not only viewed the Danny Lane WAR ZONE and CHAMPION KARATE series, I own them as well. They are a treasured part of my martial art library and my go to DVD's when I need a technique. If you are interested in traditional Martial Arts the CHAMPION KARATE series will give you the answers. If you are interested in valuable street tactics you need the WAR ZONE series. Danny proves he is a GRAND MASTER by being so diverse and such a great instructor. His format is well explained and easy to follow. No matter what your Martial art subject of interest these series are a MUST have. Grand Master Danny Lane is also very approachable so contact him for a seminar. You will be glad you did. Train Hard, Live Well.

Eric Breuer Retired  Connecticut State Trooper 


Danny Lane a Real American Hero,
US Marine Combat Veteran Vietnam, Retired Police Officer & Detective, 9th Degree Martial Arts Master

*Highly Decorated US Marine in Vietnam
*Decorated Police Officer & Detective
*9 Time Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee
*Former World & 9 Time National Champion
*9th Degree Martial Arts Black Belt Master
*Bodyguard to Movie Stars, Entertainers & VIPS
*Private/Civil & Expert Criminal Investigator