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Danny has been one of the most sought after Instructors in the World because of his Dynamic and Unique integration of Martial Arts, Police, Military, Body Guarding and Personal Protection Blend of Styles. He has 47 years experience in military, police, security and martial arts fields. Read his Bio for his full resume.

Danny is a 9th Degree Black Belt Master and founder of the World Martial Arts Centers in 1970. The World Martial Arts Federation is an all styles martial arts system. Danny also holds high ranking black belts from other World renown Organizations in Jui-Jitsu, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do and Aikido. Danny is an expert in Police/Military Defensive Tactics.

On this page you will find links to Danny's training DVDS, Seminars, World Martial Arts Federation, Training Links, Danny's Facebook and YouTube Channel. You can learn how to Earn Your Black Belt at home or cross over and get Black Belt rank certification in the WMAF.

Danny has been personally trained by Mr. Chuck Norris for more than 35 years, and is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Chuck Norris's United Fighting Arts Federation.

Danny is President of the World Martial Arts Federation and has Black Belts and programs in Russia, Italy, Norway, Canada, Bosnia, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Zambia Africa, Mexico, England, Spain and more. Enjoy  our website and email us if you have any questions.

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