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Now YOU can SURVIVE the WAR ZONE with Combat Veteran DANNY LANE.

Professionally endorsed by members of the US Military, Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies, Secret Service, CIA, FBI, US Marshalls, Border Patrol, Martial Arts Masters, Movie Stars and numerous agencies worldwide. See their testimonials below.




Champion Karate 10 Volume


Train from Beginner to Black Belt with this at Home or Gym Instructional Training Series

the standardized training techniques of Tang Soo Do.










Now "YOU" Can Learn the devastating
"Hidden SECRETS of Tae Kwon Do Do"

of traditional martial arts techniques


Danny Lane is a Master of Tang Soo Do & Tae Kwon Do, the modern day form of Korean martial arts, is an appealing style to watch and perform, however what ,, many people overlook are the effective applications of even the most abstract looking movements. The "secrets" are exposed by Master Danny Lane as he delves into the traditional styles of Tang Soo Do (Moo Duk Kwan) and the related Japanese martial arts.






Personal Protection Level I

The Basics of Combat Survival




THE EQUALIZER Volume #1 is NOW online for ordering. It is a 1 hour plus DVD with footage from the seminar I filmed LIVE in Houston, Texas for Watchmesports.Com. “The Equalizer” will be a three volume series on the fastest, easiest, smartest, and simplest ways to neutralize an opponent, regardless of size. Each Level getting more complex and effective. These techniques will focus on the vital and vulnerable targets of the body, along with nerve center attacks, and combinations anyone can do regardless of physical condition or age. The new DVD’s will be a no nonsense approach to survival and protection. I will be combining 44 years of experience in martial arts, 20 years as a police officer & private investigator, and 4 years as a Combat Marine in this new series. You can order it online for $29.95 plus shipping.



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