"I'm serious about training and making a commitment to change my life." I'm ready to order the WMAF Black Belt at Home Starter Training Program.

What do I get with the WMAF Starter Package?

10 Volume Training DVD Series, Official WMAF Uniform, WMAF T-Shirt, Membership Card, Student Training Digital Files and links to the videos online.

What are the costs to get started? $399.95

What are the costs after sign up? Each test is $50 up to 1st Degree Black Belt. This includes a personal review of your test with you and your certificate.

WMAF annual dues are $50.00. You will get a quarterly newsletter, links to our Facebook and You-Tube Channels where I post regularly updated videos and training techniques.

What about the training equipment? We recommend Century Martial Arts for your training equipment but I would consider local listing for mirrors.