SPY COMBAT TACTICS VIDEOS by Marine & Cop Danny Lane & former CIA Agent Jason Hanson !  



Train with former Federal CIA Agent Jason Hanson and decorated Marine, Cop & Bodyguard, Danny Lane.



Danny Lane is a Marine/Cop/Bodyguard/Security Expert & Martial Arts Master with 50 years experience.

He is Master Instructor in the Chuck Norris Karate System and has trained with Chuck Norris for 38 years.  

Danny has survived "Real Combat"  situations hundreds of times in the jungles of Vietnam

and as a Police Officer and Bodyguard on the streets of America.

 He was awarded 2 Purple Hearts, Marine Combat Action Medal, Vietnam Gallantry Cross and numerous other medals.

Danny was awarded the Mayor's Medal of Bravery as a Police Officer.

During a fiery car accident, he risked his life and saved two men trapped in a burning vehicle.

Danny has been inducted 12 times into various Martial Arts Hall of Fames around the world. 

Jason Hanson, is a veteran law enforcement officer and former CIA Agent.

He has worked in terrorism and espionage assignments all over the world.

All of his work is classified and can not be disclosed.

Below are the 10 Spy Combat Volumes descriptions.

Spy Combat Training Manual FREE with any two videos or more, a $29.95 value.

VOLUME #1- The Fundamentals only $29.95
On Volume #1 you will learn the Marine Warrior Fighting Stance, Rules of Engagement, 5 Distances of Combat, 8 Angles of Attack & Defense, Vital & Vulnerable Targets, Soft & Hard Blocking, Zone Blocking and Footwork. Jason will teach you how to escape duct tape, zip ties and rope.

VOLUME #2- Weapons only $29.95
On Volume #2 you will learn how to use every part of your body as a weapon. Danny will teach you how to make your hands, knees, elbows, shins and feet into dangerous weapons. Jason will teach you how to escape handcuffs.

VOLUME #3- 2 Second Defense only $29.95
On Volume #3 you will learn how to defend against more than 20 attack situations. Danny will teach you how to neutralize and incapacitate the attacker in seconds. Jason will teach you how to escape rope.

VOLUME #4 - Close Quarter Combat only $29.95
Most fights happen within an arms length of you. Close Quarter Combat is the art of engaging the attacker in CLOSE RANGE and applying what needs to be done to STOP the ATTACK! Danny and Jason will introduce you to 29 street situations and show you the solution. You will also be learning basic Judo, Ju-Jitsu and Aikido techniques and principles. Jason will be showing you how to defend against a knife and gun while duct taped.

VOLUME #5 - Surviving on the Ground only $29.95
It is a fact that most fights end up on the ground 90 percent of the time. It is critical that everyone learn the basics of ground survival. You don't want to be a fish out of water if and when the fight goes to the ground. In this volume you will learn how to TAKE the ATTACKER to the ground with vicious judo throws and control the fight. You will also learn how to mount, control and submit the attacker with submissions. Jason will teach you about the stun gun flashlight and disarms while your hands are bound.  

VOLUME #6 - Boxing & Kickboxing for Street only $29.95
Learn the jab, cross, hooks, uppercuts and spinning back fists from our boxing and kickboxing tactics. Danny will also teach you to put together rapid fire combinations and training with a partner and the use home equipment.

VOLUME #7 - Surviving a Knife Attack only $29.95
On Volume # 7 you will learn 28 exciting knife fighting techniques. Danny will also teach you how to fight with a knife and the 9 different points of attack.

VOLUME #8 - Firearm Disarming & Retention only $29.95
On Volume # 8 you will learn how to disarm firearms guns from 12 different points on your body and other possible hostage situations. Danny will also teach you how to maintain retention of your weapon if grabbed.

VOLUME #9 - Jason Hanson Escape & Evasion Tactics only $29.95
On Volume #9 you will learn Escape & Evasion Tactics from duct tape, handcuffs, rope, zip ties and many other survival CIA Tactics.

VOLUME #10 - Danny Lane "Street Ready" Tactics only $29.95
On Volume #10 you will learn Danny Lanes' "Best of the Best Street Tactics" to get you "Street Ready" FAST!

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