"Before you engage in combat you must understand the rules of combat and are you able to follow them.

The mindset is the number #1 weapon you have to have to survive any attack and live with the consequences".

 How do we train to create the mind set needed to possibly take another person’s life?  

How do we create a mindset that, if necessary, to suffer the loss of one’s own life? 

First, proper physical and mental training is essential since it arms you with the tools and knowledge needed to carry out and survive a combat situation.  

That combative mind set can be developed through well disciplined, training and by gaining confidence in these abilities and skills.  

In many ways, a battle has a life of it’s own. You cannot know if you will be successful.

You can only prepare for battle and it must be done with all of your heart and with all of your consciousness.

In that manner you will have the edge. Being unprepared will bring about sure defeat unless you are truly exceptional, and there are very few who fit that description.  

AND......It is foolish to fight a battle that you cannot win, and you cannot win unless you have properly prepared and planned to win.

Now YOU can learn the same techniques

taught to Federal Agents and our Military.

Real techniques, for Real People, in Real Life Situations!

Spy Combat Tactics are based on scientific principles of attacks against the neurological,

circulatory, respiratory and energy pressure points of the human body.

Anyone regardless of age, sex and shape can learn this life saving skills.

Techniques applied to the soft targets of the human body can neutralize and incapacitate an attacker in seconds.  

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Look what the professionals say about Spy Combat Tactics

"The martial arts world has their fair share of incredible Master instructors, and none more skillful than my good friend, Danny Lane.

I spent the morning watching his new video series, "Spy Contact Tactics." For those who don't know Danny, he fought as a Marine in Viet Nam, he's a former cop and one of the top Chuck Norris martial artist instructors in the nation - Danny is who the top black belts in the martial arts learn from including me.

I promise you'll be blown away with his dynamic intructional series. Danny explains how your weapons are like tools in a tool box – and that there are multiple purposes for each of your weapons - he simply teaches you how to use your tools to be effective for any circumstances".

Great job Danny,

Keith Vital, World Champion Martial Artist, professional actor, producer, author and child activist.

“I have trained with Danny Lane in Combat Tactics for more than 25 years. He is the “Real Deal” and knows what works in a real life and death situation. I have recently reviewed the Spy Combat Tactics training programs by Danny and former CIA Agent Jason Hanson. He and Jason Hanson have put together a real winner. Everything you and your family will ever need to know in any situation is covered on them. As a professional bodyguard I know what it takes to keep myself and my high profile clients alive”.

Brian Gates Professional Bodyguard to Stars

Steven Tyler, Matthew McConnaughy, Nicole Kidman, Newt Gingrich, Peter Fonda, Gary Senise, Joe Mantegna, Kenua Reeves and many other stars and corporate VIP’S.

"I have previously trained with Master Lane’s “Champion Karate, Black Belt at Home” series and have been able to learn and master the basics of martial arts on my own time. His “War Zone” series allowed me to adapt these skills to real-life situations and the newer “Spy Combat Tactics” series built on this and added more real-life tactics and re-enforced many of the skills I had gained previously.

As a former Marine, I had some basic martial arts and self-defense training many years ago but this is certainly not required as these techniques can be learned by anyone regardless of prior training and are effective even for those with no prior martial arts training.

These techniques are similar in many ways to the Marine Corps Martial Arts program that I studied in the Marine Corps and which is, in my opinion, one of the most effective training programs in existence. They are also effective for people of any size or gender. I have used this series to train with my teenage daughters and they have been able to gain valuable self-defense skills. For them to have this ability is very important to me and for them in today’s world. I highly recommend this video training series for anyone who wants to learn the art of self-defense and to be able to protect themselves and their families in an ever-changing world".

Colonel Scott Hovis, US Army

"The Spy Combat Tactics book by Jason Hanson and Danny Lane is incredible. I highly recommend it. It is a perfect training companion to the Spy Combat Tactics video series. It is packed full of easy to understand directions and visually illustrated with step by step photographs. What I love most about the book and the video series is that I can train with it anywhere. I am a professional speaker and writer and so I travel a great deal for seminars. Spy Combat is a great companion both on an airplane and in a hotel room. Plus, you never know when you might need to protect yourself whether you are traveling around the world or just around the block. Get your copy today and “Turn Your Body Into A Weapon.”

Mark Bowser
Author of Sales Success and Unlocking the Champion Within

VOLUME #1- The Fundamentals

On Volume #1 you will learn the Marine Warrior Fighting Stance, Rules of Engagement, 5 Distances of Combat, 8 Angles of Attack & Defense, Vital & Vulnerable Targets, Soft & Hard Blocking, Zone Blocking and Footwork. Jason will teach you how to escape duct tape, zip ties and rope.

VOLUME #2- Weapons

On Volume #2 you will learn how to use every part of your body as a weapon. Danny will teach you how to make your hands, knees, elbows, shins and feet into dangerous weapons. Jason will teach you how to escape handcuffs.

VOLUME #3- 2 Second Defense

On Volume #3 you will learn how to defend against more than 20 attack situations. Danny will teach you how to neutralize and incapacitate the attacker in seconds. Jason will teach you how to escape rope.

VOLUME #4 - Close Quarter Combat

Most fights happen within an arms length of you. Close Quarter Combat is the art of engaging the attacker in CLOSE RANGE and applying what needs to be done to STOP the ATTACK! Danny and Jason will introduce you to 29 street situations and show you the solution. You will also be learning basic Judo, Ju-Jitsu and Aikido techniques and principles. Jason will be showing you how to defend against a knife and gun while duct taped.

VOLUME #5 - Surviving on the Ground

It is a fact that most fights end up on the ground 90 percent of the time. It is critical that everyone learn the basics of ground survival. You don't want to be a fish out of water if and when the fight goes to the ground. In this volume you will learn how to TAKE the ATTACKER to the ground with vicious judo throws and control the fight. You will also learn how to mount, control and submit the attacker with submissions. Jason will teach you about the stun gun flashlight and disarms while your hands are bound.  

VOLUME #6 - Boxing & Kickboxing for Street

Learn the jab, cross, hooks, uppercuts and spinning back fists from our boxing and kickboxing tactics. Danny will also teach you to put together rapid fire combinations and training with a partner and the use home equipment.  

VOLUME #7 - Surviving a Knife Attack

On Volume # 7 you will learn 28 exciting knife fighting techniques. Danny will also teach you how to fight with a knife and the 9 different points of attack.

VOLUME #8 - Firearm Disarming & Retention

On Volume # 8 you will learn how to disarm firearms guns from 12 different points on your body and other possible hostage situations.  Danny will also teach you how to maintain retention of your weapon if grabbed.

VOLUME #9 - Jason Hanson Escape & Evasion Tactics

On Volume #9 you will learn Escape & Evasion Tactics from duct tape, handcuffs, rope, zip ties and many other survival CIA Tactics.

VOLUME #10 - Danny Lane "Street Ready" Tactics

On Volume #10 you will learn Danny Lanes' "Best of the Best Street Tactics" to get you "Street Ready" FAST!  

VOLUME #11 - Custom DVD

Volume #12 - Custom Self Defense

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