Grand Master Paul Irizarry Regional Director

Puerto Rico, South America and Caribbean.

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International Tournament Fighting

Puerto Rico v Guguadalupe, Puerto Rico v France


Grand Master Paul Irizarry. Is the creator of the Kenkakai-Kan-Jitsu System.

A blend of 3 systems as one, Kyokushin Karate, Kenpo Karate and Ju-Jitsu, makes this system very hard and great for modern day Self-Defense.

GM Irizarry has practice Martial Arts with some of the Top names, and started his training at the age of 7 years old. His First style was Kenpo Karate and then Came Kyokushin-Kai.

He also practices TaeKwon-Do and Tang Soo Do were he has also a Black Belt.

He has been nominated in the Martial Artist Hall of Fame 4 Times, plus holds Black Belt ranks in: * Kobudo, Kenpo, Ju-Jitsu, TaeKwon-Do, and Kyokushin-Kai.

He is a Member of The World Head of Family Sokeship Council, International Martial Arts League, World Martial Arts friendship Society, American Federation of Ju-Jitsu, United States Martial Artist Association, International Kyokushin-Kaikan Organization, National Karate Kobudo Federation, World Ju-Jitsu / AIKI-Bujutsu Federation and also the Nippon Yawara Ryu AIKI-Ju-Jitsu Renmei. Soke V.T. Mulae instructor of GM Irizarry named Mr. Irizarry as the Highs Rank Person in the Kenkakai-Kan-Jitsu System.

Grand Master William Rankin promoted Mr. Irizarry in 2004 to rank of 8th Dan and the Title of Grand Master by the United States Martial Artist Association. And Soke Siegfried Boedeker just promoted GM Irizarry to the level of Honor Hanshi and the rank of 9th Dan by the World Ju-Jitsu / AIKI-Bujutsu Federation. Grand Master Irizarry is the proud owner of the Irizarry's Karate Academy located in Puerto Rico.

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