Micha Lemaster found NOT GUILTY of all counts of murder.

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Man charged with murder in fatal stabbing case


Lane Investigations LLC, Danny and Gina Lane are licensed and bonded in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

They do contract work all over the United States.

Danny has 48 years investigative experience in law enforcement, private investigations and the military .

Danny is a highly decorated US Marine, Veteran Police Officer, Martial Arts Master, and Bodyguard.

 Danny has worked on approximately two hundred murder cases the past 48 years.

He has worked with attorneys on thousands of Criminal, Personal Injury, Civil and Family Law Cases nationwide 

Gina is a retired teacher and seasoned professional in several fields.

She has been working with women and children for almost 30 years.

She is a retired teacher with a BA, MA and Rank I in Education.

She has also worked with public records and recordings in the courthouse setting.           

Danny's extensive background is like having another lawyer on your case.

He assists your attorney from the beginning of your case through trial or resolution.

Danny has testified in court and has been disclosed as an expert in cases involving Crime Scene Investigation, Bar Security Expert, Computer Data Recovery and Police Defensive Tactics Instructor.

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Let their experience and dedication make the difference in the outcome of your case.

They have done Special Investigations for Nationwide Special Investigations Unit, Bank Fraud Cases and Annuity Fraud for Major Law Firms in Washington D.C. and Maryland.

Background Searches!  Corporate and Personal!

Find Assets, Hidden Bank Accounts and more. Contact Us for a Quote.

Don't get in a relationship or do business with anyone without knowing everything you can about them.

It's worth the money to have peace of mind in trusting the person you are involved with.

We have access to a trillion-record database and supercomputer processing capability. If they exist we can find them.

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Lane Investigations has access to trillions of public records.


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