1. Danny Lane's DVD Black Belt home study program has been a fantastic way of helping me constantly work toward my goal toward of achieving my Black Belt. Due to my frequent change of assignments and busy schedule attending a regular brick and mortar program has been out of the question. That is where Danny's program comes in. His easy to follow DVD home study program along with his ease of accessibility has allowed me to constantly progress toward my martial arts goals with quality instruction. His program has helped me stop "fighting" the frustrations of having to constantly change or try and make time to attend traditional schools and "kick" started my path to success in martial arts training. Thanks Danny!  

    G. Hilton Major, U.S. Army

    Danny Lane's train at home program has helped me accomplish one of my life long dreams. I am an active duty Navy Chaplain and am serving on a ship now and will next be going to a Marine Division. His programs allows me to train anywhere, anytime I can and still do my duty as an Officer in the Navy and be home more with my family whom are also into martial arts. I have trained more than 27 years in various martial arts but never received the prestigious Black Belt. His program allows me to accomplish all my goals and dreams in the martial arts. He is one of the world's most respected martial artists and instructors.

    Shaun Kennedy-Chaplain US Navy

    As a US Marine and Army Officer I am always on the go I enjoy training when I am home and in the privacy of my own home and when I have time and want to. Master Lane private tutoring of my techniques help me progress as I train with the DVDS.

    Hovis, Scott M LTC NG NG NGB US ARMY

    I have been practicing martial arts for over 20 years and hold black belts in several styles including Tang Soo Do under Masters Tom Bloom and Johnny Gyro in California. Since I live in Japan now, where I train in Enshin Karate, I didn't have an opportunity to gain higher rank in the Tang Soo Do system until I found Danny Lane's Black Belt at Home Program. Training in Danny Lane's program allows me to advance in rank in Tang Soo Do while I live in Japan. His DVDS and his online training links are an easy way to train and follow his professional  instruction. I am finally testing soon for my 3rd Degree thanks to Master Lane and his guidance. Thank you for Master Lane.

    Daniel Mills US Citizen living in Japan

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    Now YOU can learn this unique system of martial arts from one of America's top Masters, Danny Lane and EARN YOUR BLACK BELT at HOME.  Danny is a highly decorated combat Marine, Retired Police Officer and 9th Degree Black Belt with 47 years of experience.

    His system unites Tang Soo Do, Karate, Judo, Jui-Jitsu, Aikido, Sport Karate, Kickboxing, Police and Military Tactics, Body guarding and Street Survival techniques, giving you a fast, effective method of Self-Defense.

    Master Lane has been in the martial arts more than forty seven years and has been personally trained by Chuck Norris for more than 35 years.




    He is a 9th Degree Black in the WMAF and President, a 7th Degree Black Belt in Chuck Norris's United Fighting Arts Federation and holds high ranking Black Belts Degrees in Aikido, Jui-Jitsu, Judo, Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Karate. He has won hundreds of tournament awards including 9 National Titles in fighting, forms and weapons competition. He won the North American NASKA Championship and the 1994 World Sport Ju-Jitsu Championship. In 1975 he won the World Lightweight Kick Boxing Championship and went undefeated until he retired.  Tang Soo Do is the same style that Chuck Norris studied in Korea in 1961 and brought back to the United States.  

     Master Danny Lane will take you from WHITE belt to BLACK belt with his Champion Karate Video Series. Champion Karate teaches you the Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan style of martial arts. Tang Soo Do is the same style that Chuck Norris studied in Korea in 1961 and brought back to the United States. This is the base system of his United Fighting Arts Federation.

    This exciting easy-to-follow 10 volume instructional series is one of the TOP sellers on the market. Professionally endorsed by Chuck Norris himself.

    Start Training NOW! If you're a beginner Order the 10 Volume DVD Series for only $249.95 or order the complete WMAF Black Belt Package with the WMAF official uniform with patches, training manual, t-shirt and more.

    If you already have rank in another system you can join the WMAF as a cross over student or Black Belt and progress in rank as you learn.

    Cross over Black Belts   click here    or the programs required to progress in rank with the WMAF.

    Working out at Home is Free and Fun anytime you want!

    Why wait! Start today towards your ultimate goal of achieving one of life's most prestigious awards, A BLACK BELT in Martial Arts.  If you have a Certified Black Belt in another style you can join and cross over with your rank and continue to advance in rank.

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